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Lost Your Key Fob...


(Riverton, WY April 2018) Riverton business, C&C Lock and Key LLC purchases state of the art equipment to make car key fobs, transponder and sidewinder keys where ever your car is located.

With all the advanced technology today, it can make some of the simplest things, like accessing your car difficult. Specifically car key fobs, transponders, sidewinders and keyless entry systems. If you have ever purchased a used vehicle and only received one key fob or if you have lost one of your key fobs, you know how expensive it is to have the car manufacturer make you a new one. And have you ever wondered how many keys have been assigned to your car? This Smart Pro system can see exactly how many keys are out there that can operate your vehicle simply by hooking directly up to your car. “Now with this system, I can not only see how many keys are out there but then I can also delete all other keys that are assigned to your vehicle, so no one can steal your car – giving you peace of mind.” discloses locksmith, Raymond Clark.

This technology can also make multiple key fobs and program your car to accept them at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay the manufacturer. But what if you have lost all the keys that operate your car? Technology helps with this as well by simply looking up your key codes by using your VIN number. Your professional locksmith can then make you a new set of keys right there and then.

“Saving people money and giving them peace of mind to know exactly how many keys can operate their vehicle is technology we have not had available to our community, until now.” says Dawn Guggenmos-Clark, owner of C&C Lock and Key LLC. “The Smart Pro system now gives our community high tech, convenient front door service at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay.”

For more information, contact:

Raymond Clark, C&C Lock & Key


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