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Ray Clark, Certified Bonded Locksmith

Increased need for emergency and mobile locksmith services in the Fremont County area opened the door for the creation and start of C&C Lock and Key LLC.

Long time resident of Riverton, WY, Dawn Guggenmos-Clark and her husband Raymond Clark just answered an immediate demand, bringing a second-generation locksmith to our community. With years of experience under his belt, Ray’s initial introduction to the Locksmith trade was through the talents of his step-dad, Wes. Wes Sugden retired from the United States Navy as a Master Chief, then found further success in owning and operating one of Longmont’s premier Locksmith Companies. He has established an excellent reputation over the last 38 years and has meticulously overseen Ray’s training.

“With the closing of Lander’s only locksmith company, there became a critical need to have another locksmith to help serve the community” says Dawn, “We enjoy helping people and what better way to serve our community than to offer a necessary service- just so happens that Ray had a lifetime of locksmith training, so it felt like we were fated for this.”

Native to the community, Dawn grew up in Riverton and had a long-term career in the financial industry spanning from personal banker at Wells Fargo to Operations Manager of a Wealth Management Firm. Additionally she served as a realtor in our community for several years. Adding to her multi-faceted work throughout the community she currently is sales manager at The Golden Buffalo Fine Jewelry store while handling the behind-the-scenes work of C&C Lock and Key.

Prior to developing C&C Lock and Key, Ray began his service of the Riverton community as director of the men’s home at Set Free Church. After meeting, falling in love with and marrying Dawn Guggenmos, he began additional work at Radio Shack and moved into a managerial position within three short months. At last, Ray and Dawn have followed their hearts, craft and passion developing C&C Lock and Key LLC. In addition to his return to locksmith work, Ray continues to serve as assistant Pastor of Set Free Church.

Locksmith services aren’t often considered until the service is necessary, and, unfortunately, with a shortage of professional locksmiths in Fremont County, residents have been unsure of whom they can turn to for services. Yet a professional locksmith service goes beyond fulfilling a need, but also provides safety and security for our community. Anyone who has accidently locked a child or a pet in a car knows how important a professional locksmith is in that moment: No matter the situation, whether a simple lock change or the unfortunate event of a lock-out, immediate service may very well be crucial. Residents of Fremont County not only require basic locksmith services, but especially require emergency locksmith services they can trust in moments of need.

Offering residential, commercial, automotive, safe and vault, and 24-hour emergency services, C&C holds expertise in nearly every realm of the locksmith craft. Further, with a mobile work van, C&C is available for on sight work throughout Fremont County at any time along with a fair rate for our community.

Ray closes, “We want people to know that we are here for them whenever they need us and we will come to where they are. Being completely mobile offers the freedom and flexibility to be where our customers need us most.”

C&C Locksmith Company LLC offers 24-hour locksmith services to Riverton, Lander, Shoshoni, Dubois and rural areas in Fremont County, Wyoming.

Contact: Raymond Clark Phone: 307-851-9884

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